Welcome to Personal Energy Transformatio Using Transformational Coaching in EFT/Tapping and Matrix Reimprinting

About Me

Heal The Past, Free The Future

Helping people with emotional and physical pain to clear it and enjoy their life Through Transformational Life Coaching in the tools of EFT/Tapping and Matrix Reimprinting.

Get Real Results

My clients get unstuck from old, destructive patterns so they can move forward in their daily lives with vigor and joy.

Delivering Compassionate and Respectful Service

I love seeing my clients get well.  I deliver my services with deep respect for you and for your issues.  Each client is unique and deserves to be listened to with love and compassion.  My clients thank me for helping them transform their life.


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Hours are by appointment only by Zoom online or in person in my office.

Personal Energy Transformation

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By appointment and based on time zone.